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The Meridian Difference

At Meridian, we have the skills and resources to tackle your biggest projects. By partnering with us, you gain solutions. As we provide services and installation of industrial and commercial systems, our goal is to provide quality service you can trust. This is why we have gained a large client base of longtime repeat customers.

Based out of Charlotte, NC and with a regional office in North Charleston, SC, Meridian offers services throughout the Carolinas. We provide high quality and efficient services in the entire southeastern region. Gain the benefit of access to our technicians and resources, and experience increased savings. By using our services when you need them, you minimize costs for your industrial and commercial operations. Tap into our resources instead of housing and training employees which is costly and time consuming.

Since the founding of Meridian, we have helped businesses throughout the southeastern region complete projects and improve efficiency. Discover for yourself the difference that Meridian can make for your business!

The primary goal at Meridian is to be your premiere automation and communication service provider.

Our Solutions

Check out our solutions and discover how we can help you below!


We provide instrument and electrical technicians as well as Gas Turbine Operators & Maintenance personnel.

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Meridian installs and maintains a wide range of telecommunications equipment.

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We offer security for a wide demographic, both industrial and commercial clients to secure your investments.

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Automation Robotics

Our experienced technicians install, diagnose issues, and optimize robotic equipment used in manufacturing.

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We Serve The Carolina’s

Based out of Charlotte, NC and with a regional office in North Charleston, SC, Meridian offers services throughout the Carolinas.


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