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Meridian Leaders

Meet Our Leaders

Robert S. Hudgins V – President and Chief Executive Officer

  • B. S. Textile Technology, North Carolina State University.
  • Three years in sales with Honeywell’s Controls division.
  • 21 years of industrial sales and management experience with the Robert S. Hudgins Co: seven years in outside sales, three years as marketing and sales manager and 11 years of financial and accounting experience as president and CEO.
  • Mr. Hudgins brings with him a wealth of experience, not only in sales of industrial control systems and components but also in business operations and management.

Billy G. Brewton – Director

  • 41 years’ experience in instrumentation engineering, construction and service business.
  • 24 years with Monsanto Company, including 20 years in management positions directing all phases of instrumentation related activities.
  • Served as Executive Vice President of ICS Corp. with responsibility for the Advanced Technical Services, Government Services and Industrial Services divisions.

Terrell L. Harvey – Director of Operations

  • Over 28 years of experience in process control.
  • In-depth knowledge of all services involving process control automation, communications operation and sales.
  • Comprehensive understanding of process control design, DCS and PLC configuration.
  • 22 years with ICS Corp. in various management positions, including regional manager and director of both field and technical services.
  • Developed technical services; oversaw five cost center managers supervising over 140 personnel.

Meridian is Proven Leadership

When it comes to industrial and commercial services, let our combined experience of over 100 years in the field of process control, machine manufacturing, and data communication, provide the exact solutions for your business. The leaders at Meridian have the experience to tackle the unique challenges of your projects, no matter the size. We bring solutions while offering industry-leading service. We value quality and reliability and work to incorporate these values into every aspect of our organization. You will experience the difference when you choose Meridian to provide solutions for your company. Since the founding of Meridian, we have helped businesses throughout the southeastern region complete projects and improve efficiency. Discover for yourself the difference that Meridian can make for your business!