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Industrial Automation Robotics Service

Industrial Automation Robotics

When it comes to manufacturing processes, Meridian is your place for Industrial Automation Robotics services. Our experienced technicians install, diagnose issues, and optimize robotic equipment used in manufacturing. We are most experienced with Bosch, ATMO, and Mercedes robotics units, and offer a broad and deep level of knowledge for all robotics brands.

Skill and Expertise

With Meridian, you have access to our full-time, fully-benefited technicians. These highly trained employees offer you the skill and expertise you need for your business when you need it. Whether from the beginning with installation and set up or routine inspections and maintenance, our technicians are available to get your manufacturing processes running and working efficiently for years to come.

Gain the benefit of access to our technicians and resources, and experience increased savings. By using our services when you need them, you minimize costs for your manufacturing operations. Tap into our resources instead of housing and training employees which is costly and time consuming.

Quality Service Solutions

With Meridian, you gain solutions. As we provide services and installation of industrial and commercial systems, our goal is to provide quality service you can trust. We combine this with providing many benefits including technical support, a quality workforce, minimized operating costs, and an experienced management. Our trained staff is capable of providing many services in addition to our Industrial Automation Robotics, from technical, project, and engineering staffing services, along with custom fabrication and assembly.

Specialty Supplier

As a specialty supplier of industrial services, you can count on Meridian to provide solutions for every area of your business. We understand manufacturing and the unique challenges you face. Our Industrial Automation Robotics services are designed with your needs in mind. Our technicians and personnel are highly trained and experienced. Since the founding of Meridian, we have gained a large client base of longtime repeat customers. Discover for yourself the difference that Meridian can make for your business!

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