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Industrial Instrumentation

Meridian is a provider of industrial instrumentation to the lowcountry. We are able to fulfill short term or long-term requirements with technicians that are full-time, fully-benefited employees. We provide instruments, electrical technicians and installation services to the Low Country.

Routine Preventative Maintenance

Technicians are available to provide routine preventative maintenance for a wide variety of instrument devices such as temperature, flow, level, and pressure measuring devices. We are also able to suggest a maintenance schedule designed to give maximum up time for control equipment at the lowest cost. Because our technicians are experienced at inspection of all devices and control equipment, we provide control access to our clients quickly and efficiently.

A Service and Solution for Every Challenge

Our industrial services include instrument and electrical technicians as well as Gas Turbine Operators & Maintenance personnel. Specifically, some of the services we are offer include:

  • Turbine Operation/ Maintenance Services – supplemental or dedicated support services for the operation and maintenance of gas fired turbines.
  • Maintenance Services – supplemental or dedicated maintenance service for short-term or long-term requirements.
  • Preventative Maintenance – provide routine preventative maintenance for a wide variety of instrument devices.
  • Demand Service – immediate response to an emergency situation. Our instrument technicians are always on call to fill a short-term need for manpower
  • Instrument Repair – a complete instrument repair shop at our Charleston, SC location with experienced technicians working with industry-leading test equipment.
  • Start-Up Services – senior level instrument and electrical technicians to start-up a new facility. Our technicians are experienced in checkout of all devices and control equipment including programmable controllers and distributed control systems
  • Calibration – equipped to calibrate most electronic and pneumatic instrumentation on-site at our Charleston, SC facility.

Experts In This Industry

Discover for yourself the difference of Meridian Automation & Communication! We are experts in this industry and understand the unique challenges your business faces. Our industrial instrumentation services are designed with your needs in mind. Our technicians and personnel are highly trained and experienced, ready to bring exceptional service and solutions to you!

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