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IT Specialists in Datacenter

Our Promise

The primary goal at Meridian is to be your premiere automation and communication service provider. We are comprised of loyal, dedicated, skilled employees who are focused on total customer satisfaction.

Our Focus

We work diligently to maintain a team of highly skilled and trained employees who share a vision of providing exceptional value and service. With Meridian, you gain solutions. Our employees, from customer service representatives, management, and our team of technicians, strive to offer solutions to every challenge.

The key to success is the willingness to respond to not only customer wants and needs, but to industry trends and technological advancements as well. Understanding this necessary task, we stay informed of changing industry trends and provide necessary training. This environment of education and training provides employees with job experience, in-depth training, and guidance by management.

We understand the success of our company relies on the ability and passion of our employees. To ensure consistent success, we have made a commitment to our employees’ knowledge, safety and happiness.

Our Impact

What does this mean to you? As our client, you can be confident in the knowledge that we provide the highest possible level of service from a team of congruently-focused, consistently-trained and skilled employees. We understand the challenges and needs of your industrial and commercial business, and as a specialty supplier of industrial services, you can count on Meridian to provide a solution to every challenge and need of your business.

Our Promise to You

Our promise is to answer the call of every client with a reliable and encompassing solution to every business challenge. We do this while offering the highest level of service possible and with a team that is consistently trained and experienced with changing industry trends. By providing instruction and setting a bar for excellence in every area of our company, we promise to be the premier automation and communication service provider.