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Meridian Testimonials


I have worked off and on with Meridian throughout my summers off from school and the Meridian family are dedicated to helping the community through many trades they possess.

Denee H.

While completing a network relocation project for another company, I walked into the new office to find the new office was equipped with nothing but wires hanging out of the wall (the business owner neglected to share this information when planning the job). I contacted Meridian to have the Cat5 lines terminated as well as have a punch down panel installed in the network closet. Meridian was on the job immediately at 2pm that day and finished by 8:30 the next morning. Can’t ask for better or more attentive service than that. Great job.

Justin G.

Affordable, good quality, efficient, and knowledgeable. Very glad I gave them a try. Will be a repeat customer.

Procurement Officer